Elon Musk unveils prototype high-speed LA transport tunnel


Business visionary Elon Musk has revealed a model underground passage in Los Angeles which is intended to transport vehicles at rapid around the city.

The passage is just a mile (1.6km) long right now however the objective is a system to ease constant traffic blockage.

Altered electric autos would be brought down into the passage and travel at velocities up to 150mph (240km/h), Mr Musk says.

The passage has been worked by Mr Musk’s Boring Company, which brags express the-craftsmanship building systems.

The unusual and superb existence of Elon Musk

Mr Musk, best known as the head of Tesla electric autos and the business SpaceX program, touched base at the dispatch on Tuesday in a Tesla vehicle adjusted to take a shot at the “circle” framework.

He was cheered by a little group as he rose up out of the vehicle toward one side of the passage showered in green and blue inside lights.


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