Meng Wanzhou: China park rewards Huawei phone owners


A famous vacation spot has turned into the most recent Chinese organization to indicate solidarity with Huawei’s main fund officer, Meng Wanzhou, who was captured in Canada on 1 December.

Shennong Mountain Scenic Park in eastern Henan region said it would defer the $9.40 (65 yuan) ticket charge for anybody conveying a Huawei telephone.

Ms Meng, who was given safeguard in Canada, faces removal to the US on charges of breaking Iran sanctions.

Her case has increased pressures with China.

“Use Huawei telephones, shoot fabulous photographs on the mountain,” a notice on the Shennong park’s internet based life account said. “We wish companions far and wide who bolster Huawei achievement and ecstasy.”

The offer would last until 29 December, the South China Morning Post detailed.

Be that as it may, it was met with some analysis among China’s web based life clients, who guaranteed it was oppressive.

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Huawei telephone proprietors are being offered different allures as well. They can get a 20% rebate at a bar in Beijing.


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