UK tech firm Blippar collapses into administration


One of the extraordinary any expectations of the UK tech area, Blippar, has crumpled into organization over a financing column.

The enlarged reality firm was helped to establish by Ambarish Mitra, and its innovation was utilized in an association with the BBC’s Planet Earth II arrangement.

Blippar was one of the UK’s tech “Unicorns” – new companies that are worth $1bn or more.

Mr Mitra turned into a brand represetative for the UK to advance British development around the globe.

He professed to have established his business from a Delhi ghetto, driving him to be named a “genuine Slumdog Millionaire”.

Be that as it may, the Financial Times ran a profile debating a large number of Mr Mitra’s cases about his introduction to the world and his business improvement.

It was by all accounts one of the most splendid stars in London’s tech atmosphere, raising enormous totals from American and Malaysian sponsor who became tied up with the message that increased the truth was the following huge thing.

So why has the Blippar bubble blasted? A couple of years back it appeared to have something weighty – you could point its telephone application at ordinary items and they would enliven vigorously, give you valuable data or present an advert.

Be that as it may, the business seemed to rely upon an exceptionally whimsical arrangement of clients – promoting organizations needing to utilize its expanded reality apparatuses in their crusades.


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