YouTuber’s glitter bomb tricks parcel thieves


A previous Nasa design went through a half year assembling a sparkle bomb trap to trap cheats after a few packages were stolen from his doorstep.

The gadget, covered up in an Apple Homepod box, utilized four cell phones, a circuit board and 1lb (453g) of sparkle.

Stamp Rober, who is presently a YouTuber, got the first cheats on his home surveillance camera.

He chose to make a move after the police said they were not able explore the case.

Foul amazement

He planned the intricate bomb with the goal that it would be enacted when the bundle in which it was covered up was opened by criminals. The telephone cameras and receivers would record the occasion.

The gadget contained an accelerometer to identify movement.

At the point when the bundle was jarred, the gadget would check the GPS flag to check whether it had been moved from its spot.

On the off chance that it had, it would send a flag to initiate the telephones and begin recording.

The sparkle was in a container that spun round on an engine when discharged as the crate was opened.

The gadget was likewise built to squirt a container of solid smelling fart shower like clockwork.


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